About Us

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PULP AND PAPER INDIA LLP.  is located in the strategic location of Morbi, Gujarat, India. The paper mill is spread in an area of 2,20,000 square feet. It’s situated amidst lush greenery.

The machinery and equipment we use is by Ahmedabad. Having constantly used the latest, state-of-the-art technology, they have established themselves as leaders in manufacturing of paper mill machinery.

PULP AND PAPER INDIA LLP. manufactures high-quality craft paper, with range from 14,16,18 BF and GSM from 100 to 300, using its paper machine with size press technology. We use reliable and highly-efficient lab equipment for testing of manufactured paper. Our experts are constantly conducting research and experimenting to improve paper quality and save energy resources. Capacity of our plant is 40,000 metric tonnes per year.

Our production, as well as sales & marketing teams are well-experienced. The administration of the company, and its sales team, in its headquarters in Surat is constantly strategizing to boost business and build it as a bigger brand.


Taking care of the environment is our top most priority and we take it very seriously.

Our paper is 100% recycled and eco friendly and we have a strict environmental policy as below :

  • Integrate energy and environmental considerations into the design of our facility
  • Improve resource efficiency in operations, especially for key resources such as, energy and water
  • Reduce carbon footprint through energy efficiency measures
  • Adopt the "3-R" (reduce, reuse and recycle) philosophy for all types of wastes to prevent pollution and dispose off "inevitable" wastes
  • Comply with all the applicable environmental and related legal and other requirements and, wherever feasible, strive for "beyond compliance" leadership
  • Engage and involve customers, vendors and contractors in our environmental sustainability mission by sharing our expectations to collaboratively achieve our environmental objectives towards greening the supply chain
  • Communicate the environmental policy to all employees, customers, business associates and other stakeholders and ensure it is available to the public
  • Review the environmental policy and allied management systems periodically to ensure their continuing applicability and relevance to our operations and evolving stakeholder expectations

Strive to support various voluntary national and international protocols, conventions and agreements on environment and proactively engage with governmental and other agencies in driving future environmental policy and regulation

Our Vision

Our vision is to be India's leading Craft Paper manufacturer in terms of product quality and client satisfaction. Our vision is aided by our drive to constantly innovate and develop paper using industry leading technology.

Our Mission

The fundamental mission of our Company is to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing products on a timely basis that have value added characteristics that the end consumer demands

Core Values

  • To provide Global Quality
  • To deliver Customer Satisfaction
  • To preserve environment by providing eco-friendly recycled paper